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Find out how to pluck and tweeze eyebrows at home and types of tweezers you can use.

Tweezing Eyebows

Well-plucked eyebrows make you appear more groomed than any thing else. Today it is a trend to get eyebrows tweezed or threaded professionally in eyebrow boutiques, which are very expensive. It is even recommended that you should get your eyebrows done by a professional to set a 'blueprint', which will give you an idea of shape, so that you can yourself pluck where the hair grow. The most common way to give shape to your brows is to pluck them, by threading or tweezing them with a good set of tweezers.

Types of Tweezers
Tweezers serve as the best option because using thread is somewhat difficult while making your own eye brows and moreover, it needs proper training; otherwise it can harm your skin by leaving cuts and marks. There are several kinds of Tweezers available in market, such as, one with thin tips which are great for getting a good hold on small fine ingrown hair to pluck them. Tweezers with slanted tips gives you more control and are good for novices. Tweezers with square tips are quite useful when it comes to pluck off coarse thick hair or more than one hair at a time. You can choose any of them depending on your need and convenience.

Before Tweezing Tips
You need to take care of few tips before you start tweezing your brows. Keep a hot washcloth over your face for some time before tweezing as it loosens up hair follicles, making plucking easier and less painful. Smoothen up brows with a little moisturizer as it helps hair to slide out more easily. Brush up the brows to define the natural arch and draw the desired shape using a soft eye shadow pencil before you start plucking. Comb brows upwards with an eyelash comb and trim hair extending beyond the natural brow bone. Make sure that you are standing near a window or under a bright light with a good mirror to get a clear view of your hair growth.

Tweezing Tips
Avoid over plucking as it takes too much time for brows to grow back in shape. The space between your brows should be equal or a little wider than the space in your eyes. Always pluck hair in the direction they grow and avoid grabbing too many hairs at a time. After the job is complete, apply aloe vera gel, which will help to calm the redness, occurred due to plucking. It is also recommended to soothe the area with cool and wet tea bags. Always try to pluck your eyebrows before bedtime so that the redness disappears overnight.