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Like the rest of your body, your feet too need exercise to stay in great shape. Check out strengthening Exercises for foot and ankle.

Foot Exercises

Our body needs exercise to stay healthy and function properly. Foot is also one of the most important parts of our body. It is this part of our body that helps in movement and therefore, demands appropriate care and attention. It absorbs a tremendous amount of pressure the whole day. However, when it comes to exercises, we mostly tend to neglect it. Excessive walking and pressure can lead to the weakening and fatigue of the foot and toe muscles. Performing simple foot exercises can go a long way in building muscle tone, relieving fatigue, preventing cramping, and foot pain. The best exercise for your feet is walking barefoot on green grass. Apart from that, you can practice a number of exercises to strengthen your feet. Some of the beneficial foot exercises have been mentioned below:

Foot Exercises

Foot Stretch
Sit on the floor and keep your legs stretched out in front of you. Now, loop a towel around your feet. While keeping your heels on the floor, pull the towel with both ends, using it to draw the middle of the foot and toes towards the body. Hold the position for 4-5 seconds and slowly come back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Ankle Stretch
Stand straight, with your legs pressed together. Now, lift up one of your knees, as high as it is possible for you. Next, flex your ankle back as far as you can. Then, extend your leg forward, pivoting at the knee, and flex the ankle forward as far as you can. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Marble Pick-up
Place about 20 marbles on the floor. Try picking up those marble with the help of the fingers of your feet. This exercise provides flexibility to your feet and also helps strengthens it.

To strengthen the muscles of your feet, cycling is one of the best exercises. When you indulge in cycling, almost all the muscles of your feet are put to work and get strengthened. It also helps ensure proper blood circulation to your feet.

Toe Pulls
Put a thick rubber band around your toes. Now, try to stretch the foot fingers as far as you can. You can repeat the process for about 10 times. Avoid the exercise in case of any injury in the fingers or toes.

Toe Raises & Toe Curls
Sit on the floor and keep your legs stretched out in front of you. Try to curl the fingers of your feet and raise the heels of feet. Hold the position for about 5 seconds and repeat 4-5 times.