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Offer relaxation and rejuvenation to your tired feet and senses with a pampering massage. With this write-up, find tips and techniques for performing a foot massage.

Foot Massage Tips

While most of us opt for a body grooming session, how many of us actually pay attention to our feet? Probably, just a handful, or even lesser. Or for the sake of our nails, the maximum that we go for is a pedicure. However, feet, just like any other body part, require relaxation. A perfect foot massage not only provides comfort to the tired, aching and worn out feet, it also offers various benefits to both feet and the body, in general. To name a few, a foot massage is useful for providing relief from headaches, boosting the immune system, and improving skin conditions. With a few tips and tricks in mind, you can perform a rejuvenating foot massage on yourself or your loved ones. In the following lines, we offer you some useful foot massage tips. Read on.

Foot Massage Tips

Prepare and Relax
Before you start off with massaging the feet, it is highly important that you clean and dry the feet. Immerse the feet in a foot bowl or bath filled with warm water, diluted with some drops of bath salt, or lavender or peppermint oil, for about 10 minutes. Use a towel to dry them completely. Follow up with relaxing back in a reclining chair with many pillows, making the person comfortable and ready for the foot massage. Also, do away with all sorts of distractions to set the right mood. Switch off the television, dim the lights, and play calming music.

Massage your Hands
Take a generous amount of cream or oil onto your palms and rub your hands together to warm it to room temperature before you begin massaging the feet. Warming your hands will keep off the recipient from any kind of discomfort during the entire massaging process. Since mineral oil does not penetrate into the skin completely, you’ll have to clean it off your hands using wipes.

Massage the Feet
End the Massage
With a soft, hot towel, wipe off any excess oil or cream to avoid slipping. Put on the socks to lock in the moisture.

Additional Tips
A special foot massage session can release tension and provide relaxing effects instantly. With several benefits to its credit, a foot massage is a pampering treat to indulge in.