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Check out advice on self tanning tips and how to apply self tanning products

Self Tanning Tips

Getting a tan in the sun is not the really safe way of tanning yourself. Using a self-tanning product is a safe way of getting a tan. The tan from a self-tanning product not only removes the white areas caused by winter but they also give you some amount of protection against the sun. The tan that one gets from using these products normally washes off easily. Today there is an increasing demand for semi-permanent tanning lotions. Most of these self-tanning products come with additions like vitamin E and aloe vera that softens and moisturizes the skin. In order to ensure that the tan does not look fake choose a tan color that suits your skin color. Most self-tanning products are available in a range of shades.

To ensure that your tan lasts longer, use the following tips to prepare your skin: