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We generally binge eat during holidays and end up gaining weight. Check out health tips for holidays.

Health Tips for Holiday

It is a real fun getting away from home with your family & friends for a holiday. In fact, holidaying is the best way to relax your mind & body from the stress of your routine work. But traveling long distances can make you feel tired and reduce the joy of a vacation. To keep your body fit, it is always better to avoid junk and switch to healthy foods. Any exertion cannot only spoil your mood, but can also result in dehydration, fatigue and hunger. It's better to be proactive rather than reactive. Given here are a few tips on how to take care of your body and health while traveling.

Eat Healthy Food
Some people don't eat enough while traveling which is a big mistake and some eat a lot of junk food which is even worse. While traveling you should try to eat as much of fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. If fresh fruits are not available then try to have some dried apricots or raisins, which you can even take along with you in your hand bags.

Fruits & dry fruits, such as, apples, bananas, unsalted peanuts, dried apricots, etc, have the nutrients that are necessary for your body and helps in keeping you alert and active. Do not eat food that is high in salt content, as they will result in swollen ankles and feet. Drinking plenty of water and limiting the alcohol consumption can help you feel fresh & active. Try to keep your meal timing constant, eat small portions and try to eat slowly.

Carry Enough & Comfortable Clothing
Make sure that while traveling your clothes should be very comfortable as if they are too tight you will have difficulty to sit & relax. You should also keep in mind that clothes you wear are washable so that they can withstand travel stains.

Have A Sound Sleep
Some people have difficulty in sleeping while traveling. If you face same problem then make sure to keep your own pillow in your bag as you are used to that pillow and it is already adjusted according to the shape of your head and you will feel like home by relaxing on it. You could even wear a sleep mask on the journey. Most of these masks are made from soothing herbs that help reducing puffiness and have a cooling effect.

Exercise Is A Must
Wherever you're, try to exercise. As you're spending most of your time in traveling, your joints and back will get stiff. Probably you don't get adequate gear and machines, never mind and try to walk. Walking is the best exercise for everyone. Prefer taking stairs, than elevator or escalator.

Following these simple tips, you can avoid landing up in any undesirable situation.