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We all have bad hair days. Find out how to avoid bad hair days by going through these tips.

How to Avoid Bad Hair Days

Everybody has to go through some bad hair days when your normally manageable tresses seem to go wild and just do not settle in the desired style. The best way to avoid them is to get a good haircut that suits your hair type and lifestyle. If you do not have time to devote much attention to your hair, go for low-maintenance style. Naturally straight hair will remain more manageable in sleek styles while curly hair may get stubborn sometimes. Living in regions that have high humidity levels may make it difficult to maintain a sleek flyaway look for long. So, it is better to keep simple things in mind and get a smart cut to avoid facing the music later. It is also better to get the trimming done regularly to keep the hair manageable. Yet another way to keep the bad hair days off your shoulders is to use hair products, shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair type and take care of their specific needs.

Dry hair will need moisturizing shampoo while greasy hair will need one with oil control. Also always remember to wash your hair thoroughly and rinse away all the traces of conditioner and other hair styling products that you use to avoid buildups later that make hair look dull and matted. You can also use detoxifying products to banish the buildups. Wet hair get frizzy so make sure that your hair are dry before styling them. You can wet them a little, when needed. Heat damages the hair too, so use blow dryers, heated rollers, tongs and straightening irons as rarely as possible and minimize the damage done by them by using hair products meant specially for the purpose. For dull and limp hair, you can try a deep conditioning treatment and rinsing your hair with cold water. A wide-toothed comb is better than a hairbrush to tame the unwieldy curls.

Cotton pillowcase is better to use, as it does not let your hair slide as often in sleep as satin pillowcase does. Also using hair wax as a finishing touch to style you hair is quite useful, especially in case of curly and coarse hair while flyaway hair can use fixing spray to keep them manageable. The best way to hide a bad hair day for longer hair is to make a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, while shorter hair can be swept back for the sleek effect and can be treated with a high shine wax. Instant glamorized hair products can divert anyone's attention from the worst hair days, yet it is better to use a daily moisturizer on coarse hair and give them a weekly deep-conditioning treatment to keep your hair healthy than trying to hide them later. Hair masks once every fortnight will also keep your hair soft and supple. Yet another way is to get hair extensions like many of our starlets do.