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Texture has a great role to play in deciding the beauty of the hair. Check out different types of hair texture and tips on their care.

Hair Texture

Texture has a great role to play in deciding the beauty of the hair. It differs from individual to individual. Factors like race and ethnicity have more to do with color and curliness of the hair than its texture. To a great extent, texture is determined by the size and shape of the hair follicle.

Making of a Texture
Whatever is put on hair has a role in making its texture. Applications of hair spray lends hair a different look and feel from that of hair that has been freshly washed and conditioned. Use of conditioners make hair soft and smooth. Conditioners having silicones give a different feel from those that don't having them. However, most conditioners today use silicones, for they work favorably for hair cuticle.

Hair of Fine Texture
Having smallest circumference of hair strand, fine hair are easy to process. However, they can easily get damaged from the chemicals and the processing services. These are weightless, flyaway and generally straight. They do not curl easily.

How to Care: Use shampoo with wheat proteins and polymers to make them look thicker by coating the hair shaft. Spraying of volumizer on them would create a misty shine.

Hair of Medium Texture
Having middle-sized hair shaft, these are considered normal. This hair can take hair-processing services and use chemicals well.

How to Care: You can use shampoo with silk amino acids for extra softness. This restores hair structure and repairs damaged ones. You can pour gels and creams in your palm, rub it in your hands and then lightly put them over your head.

Hair of Coarse Texture
This kind of hair has largest circumference of hair strand. Being thicker and stronger, coarse hair take longer to process. By nature, it is resistant to hair services like coloring, perming and straightening. It looks rough too.

How to Care: Use pomades to moisturize your hair. It would nourish and shine them.

Color and Texture
Hair texture is affected by natural color. Hair of natural blondes is finer than brunettes, while redheads have the thickest hair.

Ethnic Differences and Hair Texture
Hair texture also depends on ethnicity. Mid-Europeans have hair that is neither too fine nor too coarse. Hair of Scandinavians is thin, straight, and baby fine hair. People of Indian subcontinent have coarse textured hair, while Middle-eastern men and women have strong hair. Chinese and Japanese people have straight hair.