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Check out best hairstyles for thin, medium and thick volume hair.

Hair Volume and Hairstyles

Hair volume, typically, refers to the number of hairs per square inch. If you want to know your hair volume, follow this easy way to find out the volume of your hair: pull your hair back to make a ponytail. If the bottom of the ponytail is very slim, your hair volume is thin. Another sign of thin volume is visibility of scalp when your hair is wet. If your ponytail is "two-fisted" and appears exactly like a horse's tail, you have a thick hair volume type. Moreover, if your scalp is not visible when you hair is wet, your hair is a thick volume type. And in case you fall between these two categories, then you probably have a medium hair volume type, which is the most common hair volume type. Read further to know about the various types of hair volumes and their concerns.

Thin Hair Volume
Such type of hair volume usually has strands, which are very small in diameter. Very thin hair is likely to be weightless and perhaps flyaway. Most of the times, thin hair is straight and don’t get curled easily. Adding volume to thin hair can be a difficult task. People with silky hair texture should go for blunt hair cuts. Styling techniques, including combing and drying from the roots, are useful for adding volume. Proteinized conditioners, light gels, and mousses are some of the hair care products that reinforce thin hair. Avoid heavier products on thin hair as they will weight the hair down. Such type of hair should be permed with extra care to avoid damage.

Medium Hair Volume
Medium hair volume type is the most commonly found and the most manageable hair volume; it is not only versatile, but also has the maximum range of possibilities, in terms of choosing a style. Hair with medium volume usually holds a curl and takes well to chemical processes, like perms, hair relaxers and hair coloring. If you have medium hair volume type, you can select just about any hair style and can experiment with a variety of styles.

Thick Hair Volume
This type of hair volume is often very strong and hard to manage. To people having slim frame and small face, thick hair volume could be a blessing. Probably for some, it could be a headache to manage such hair and their goal may be to reduce the hair volume. Such problem can be dealt with the right haircut. Probably a layered haircut can give thick hair better shape and direction, over and above reducing the thickness of the hair. Layered cuts in shorter and medium lengths are best for thick hair. Silkening hair care products like pomades, surfacers, and even strong hair gels can be helpful to manage thick hair.