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Check out tips on choosing the right hairstyle for your hair type.

Hairstyles By Hair Types

Hairs can be straight, curly or wavy and this factor is one of the most important one while choosing a proper hairstyle for an individual. They are categorized according to degree of curl in the hair strand. While straight hair has no curl, wavy hair has soft curls while curly hair is very twisted and has a spring like structure.

Straight hair
Straight hair can range from fine blonde hair as of Scandinavians to thick and coarse hair that some Indians and Asians have. You can change the texture of these hairs by perming the hair, use various hair products in the market and set them in various styles. Coloring thin straight hair adds texture and fullness to hair strands while thick straight hair or very coarse straight hair need extra time, skill and perming rods to achieve the desired look. Straight hair of any texture can take simple and geometric haircuts like bobs while very straight and thick hair do not curl or perm easily. If you want to give them another texture, then you may need to perm them frequently.

Wavy hair
Most desirable and enviable, wavy hair have soft natural movement and you can easily shape them in any desired style using hairstyling products. You simply have to blow dry them to get straight hair or scrunch them a little to give them a curly effect. Lightly layered hair are the best choice while you can maximize their appearance by adding hair highlights or lowlights using hair colors and shine enhancing products. They can be shaped best into retro and romantic hairstyles.

Curly hair
Curly hairs often have much hair volume but are dull and are not easily manageable. You may choose long or short haircut but it is better to choose a layered hairstyle look. You can straighten the curls a bit and bring shine into the hair using brilliantines, surface silkeners, hair pomades and soft hair fixatives. Most of the African Americans sport very coarse and curly hair that need chemical retexturizing, hair coloring or hair relaxing to smoothen the hair and make them more manageable. One of the most important instrument used to tone down curly hair are deep, heat-activated hair conditioners but their constant use may result in breakage and split ends.