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Concealers are applied to hide skin blemishes. Check out how to apply concealer.

Applying Concealer

Helping to even out the facial skin, concealers are sometimes the only cosmetic that many women prefer to use along with powder for daily purposes. For summer, you may need a shade darker to match your skin tanned and baked in the sun. It basically camouflages facial imperfections and balances out your complexion by hiding out the skin blemishes and under-eye circles. For accurate results, apply the concealer using a small fine tipped brush and blend it well. A yellow-based concealer is a best match for most of the skin tones while translucent powder helps it to set.

A concealer with a high pigment level and having mineral oil as its contents is best for camouflaging purposes as it covers the spot better and stays on the top of the face for more time. It is best to check whether a concealer matches your skin or not in sunlight for correct estimations. Buy the concealer that blends so well that it seems to disappear on the skin and yet hide the targeted spot. Here are some tips to use concealer wisely to get best results: