Lip-gloss helps to add more volume to your lips and make them look fuller. Find out how to choose lip gloss.

Choosing Lip Gloss

Lip gloss and lip shine comes in tubes and pots that are convenient to use and give a shimmer and shine to your lips that you have always wished for. They can last for long periods of time and can be water-resistant. They can be applied either over the lipstick or alone for a more natural and nude lip look. Lip-gloss helps to add more volume to your lips and make them look fuller and highlight them on the face. Thus, women with thick lips are generally advised to use it very sparingly. One can effectively make the lips look more beautiful with the help of lip gloss and other lip products and use it strategically for lip correction. A light film of Chapstick over lips not only protect them and heal them but also helps the lip color to set more effectively.

Similarly, dusting the lips with powder can make the lip color and gloss last longer and do not melt easily. In fact the best method to use lip color for long periods of time is to color your lips, blot off the extra color using the tissue paper, apply thin layer of powder on them, again apply a second coat of color and complete the process by applying lip gloss to make your ships look shinier than ever. While you can add the shine to your lips by applying gloss on them or above the lipstick, you can also tone down the shine by application of too much gloss, hold a single-ply tissue against your lips and press little loose powder through it. Only a bit of it will get sifted through it and will instantly reduce the shine. Lip lacquer gives a greater shine to your lips for stage shows and extremely glamorous look.

Lip-gloss directed to the center of the mouth makes your lips look fuller while you can avoid matte lipsticks from drying and flaking by using a lip primer or color fixative before applying it. Special effects and highlights can be achieved by using sheer silver, gold or iridescent lip gloss over lip color. For evening special effects, apply a sheer lip-gloss in silver, gold or an iridescent shade over the lip color. Vitamin E is good for lips to give them a natural glow while lip balm must be applied before applying lipstick to keep your lips moisturized, nourished and naturally rosy. It also prevents the lips from drying and developing of cracks. Lip gloss add the emphasis to the lips but smooth lips make it easier to glide on and lip gloss lasts longer on them. Even, if you are opting for a matte lip color; apply the lip balm before applying lipstick. Use creamy lipsticks for daily use to keep the lips moisturized and add an intense wet look with the help of lip gloss while transforming your makeup from daytime look to a night party look.