There are different types of makeup foundations that are available for different types of skin. Find out about them in this article.

Types of Makeup Foundation

Foundation, as the name suggests, is the first cosmetic to be applied on face while doing makeup to serve as the base for the look that you are going to paint later. The wise selection of the just the right foundation that suits your skin, color and tone is quite necessary as it determines whether you are going to look naturally beautiful having a flawless smooth skin or quite artificial as if you have put on a mask of cosmetic layers. A number of brands claim to produce the most suitable foundation for your face. There are various types of foundations such as the hypoallergenic and allergy-tested foundation for those who suffer from skin allergies; liquid, cream, powder or cake foundation to suit various seasons; oil-free foundation for oily skin; stick foundation for the handbags; stay-on foundation to last for longer periods of time and camouflage foundation to hide skin blemishes and give a smooth skin-effect. However, most of the foundations can fit into three categories:

1. Liquid Foundations,
2. Cream Foundations; and
3. Powder Foundations.

Liquid Foundations:
A thin film of liquid foundation is best for 'natural look' makeup and is most commonly used by women for daily purposes. It is easy to apply and is not easily visible. It comes in oil-based formulas for people with dry to normal skin and water-based formulas for people with oily skin. It is very important to match the foundation to your natural face complexion and the tone of your color. Most of the foundations come in pink-based, orange-based and yellow-based formulas. Yellow base is said to fit most of the women and is thus, very popular.

Cream Foundations:
Mostly available as sticks and compacts, cream foundations are the first choice of most of the makeup artists as they cover skin quite well and give a flawless smooth look. They are easy to apply too.

Powder Foundations:
If you don't have much time and need quick solution, dual active powder foundations or cream to powder foundations are the best options for you, which combines the action of foundation and powder in one. These foundations can be applied as cream or powder and give a quick dry fresh-face look. They are especially suited to people with oily skin or areas where humidity is quite high.