The change of seasons calls for a change in your makeup routine. Check out makeup tips to look chic and stylish in the winter season.

Winter Makeup Tips

There are so many people who dread winter for the mere reason that it brings a challenge to maintaining healthy and well-moisturizer skin. Extra care and attention is needed during the winter season, because during the cold months, the oil glands situated just below the surface of the skin tend to become relatively inactive and produce less moisture than usual. The wind and cold conditions that it brings along only adds to the dryness. With the onset of winters, your makeup also needs to go major change.

Velvety shades are the way to go for a winter woman. You need to look more glamorous and more polished during the cold months of the year. The matte look and understated shades, such as coffee, chocolate and smoky shades for eyes and berry tones for lips and cheeks, replace the fresh summer face. Gloss is in vogue again and so are our beloved fruity and spicy tones of cosmetics. In case you want to explore more about make up in winters, make use of the tips given in the following lines.

Makeup Tips For Winters