Know how to choose a nail color and get tips and ideas on nail painting and nail polish selection.

How To Select Nail Polish

For the perfect looking nails, you need to take proper care of them. Dirty nails are quite repulsive and clean nails that have been shaped and filed beautifully and polished expertly can make your hands one of your best features. Nail polish comes in thousands of shimmering rich colors and are these days available in quick drying formulas that stay longer to make your nails look stylish always. It is very important that you let each layer of nail paint dry, before applying another coat on it. To quicken the process, you can use the branded quick drying formulas, readily available in the supermarkets. It always handy to keep a cotton bud by your side to remove excess nail varnish on the top of the bottle, as it will prevent of it being glued shut by the drying of the color. You can easily get a coordinated look while doing makeup by visiting a cosmetic saloon and trying out nail polishes that compliment your lip color.

Some beauty product companies, even offer makeup kits that have eye shadows, mascaras, lip liners, lipsticks, blushes and nail polishes that harmonize with each other well for making your makeup choices much more easier. There are quick drying formulas and strong longer lasting formulas to choose from. Speed-dry nail polishes dry quickly of course, but on the other side, they chip easily too. They should be used only in emergencies and should not be included in your daily makeup kit. Strong and longer lasting nail polishes are chip-resistant and do not need frequent touch-ups and are thus pretty good for daily purposes. If you are in a hurry and need a quick manicure for our nails, opt for light or sheer shades. Always store your nail polish in a refrigerator though a cool dry place is still a better option.

Solid color manicure is the most basic and simplest of all. Basic neutrals and mild nail colors are best for first meetings and job interviews. If you are wearing open-toed sandals, you can also apply the same shade on your toenails for the stylish look. Match your nail polish with your outfit. For an easy pick, try choosing the shade that is the second most common in your clothes to emphasize it. Since black and silver lend a bold look so use it only while dating, going to the parties or when you are going on outgoing with your family and friends. Become a craze in your school or college by doing you nails in school colors. You can try painting one nail in one color entirely and then use another color to paint the next nail and so on or paint the body of the nail with one color and tips with another. Dare to paint the nail in one color and the mascot of your school on it in another color.