Check out daily makeup tips for working women and check out how to buy cosmetics for daily use.

Daily Makeup

Applying cosmetics on a daily basis may make the women feel more confident but may not be a good idea for sensitive skin. Only quality products should be used for routine use and choosing cosmetics is an important step towards skin care and health. For daily purposes, powder cosmetics are preferable as they keep the shine under control and have lesser preservatives and skin irritants than liquid ones. If liquid foundation is an item you cannot possibly cross out, opt for one with a silicone base as it does not cause acne. The makeup remover to clean out waterproof cosmetics also wipes out the protective layer of sebum from the skin, so use waterproof cosmetics only occasionally.

Never use cosmetics that have crossed their expiry dates. Normally, life span of mascaras is about three to four months, foundations and lipsticks last for one year while powder and eye shadows last for about two years. It is also important to wash and clean brushes and sponges regularly. Black mascaras and eyeliners are dramatic and also the least allergenic of all colorants. Pencil eyeliner and eyebrow pencils that are wax based should work for daily use and they can be cleaned off using only water. Light earth tones not only give you a natural look but are less likely to cause skin irritation than the darker colors.

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor 15 or higher and ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to avoid harmful effects of UVA rays. Cosmetics with fewer ingredients are much safer, so for daily use, opt for cosmetics that have no more than 10 ingredients. Remember, nail polishes are not for daily use. For a quick pedicure, scrape the dead skin off the soles of your feet after shower using an emery board, rub them over with lotion or olive oil or petroleum jelly and push back the cuticles of your toenails. To maintain them, wear socks all the time. If socks make you feel hot, cut the toe section and ankle section of your socks. You can do a quick manicure in a similar fashion too and maintain them by wearing socks or gloves at night.