Read this article to know more about the relation between makeup and lighting and what determines day and evening makeup.

Day and Evening Makeup

You must have heard several times that the day makeup should be light and simple while you are free to use bolder colors for an evening party and use lots of sheer and gloss. This usually causes the myth that it is the colors that make all the difference in the day and evening makeup. Well, the truth is that it is the lighting that makes all the difference. Here we will discuss how different light sources can present us differently. Most of the big corporate offices have bright fluorescent lighting and people generally use incandescent lighting at home. Fluorescent light is a blue light that sharpens all colors while incandescent light is a yellow or red light than tends to soften all colors. So, we must do our makeup accordingly.

In fluorescent light, people with blue eyes will look more reddish while people with brown eyes will appear yellowish or greenish. Photographer uses soft and warm red-toned incandescent lights while doing portraits to hide imperfections and make you look flawless. Thus, for day makeup, when most of the people are at work with fluorescent lights or bright sunlight, which makes everything appear clearly, we must use more sheer, natural and neutral colors and their combinations so as not to appear dramatic or wearing a mask. While in the evening or in parties with incandescent lights, you can add more contrast to your face by using slightly brighter and bolder colors.

For under lit areas such as dancing clubs and nightclubs with little lighting, we use a lot of makeup, very bold colors and over dramatic styles so that it is easily available to others. Similarly, theatre artists and stage artists wear a lot of makeup so that it is visible when stage lights light up their faces. So, it is not the clock that changes the makeup style but the lighting. Of course, if we have to stay day and night, under same type of lighting, we won't need to adjust our makeup differently for day and evening but hen, the life will become so dull and boring!