Blush adds warmth and color to the face. Blushers come in variety of hues, tones and consistencies. Check out different types of blush.

Blush Types

Blush adds warmth and color to the face and is mostly applied mainly to cheeks. Most of the women desire to look naturally beautiful glowing with a warm tinge to your face to make them look soft and blushing and blush is used for exactly that particular purpose. Blushers can be in variety of hues, tones and consistencies. They come as powder, cream, liquid or gels and each of them have specific purposes and suit different situations. Powder blush is easier to apply than liquid and cream blush. The latter should always be used before powder. Blush can easily be applied by sweeping it downward from the ear to mid-cheek. Mostly, it is applied from top of the ear and ends at the end of the apple of the cheek. Best colors for blush are the ones that are close to skin tone and sheer use of blush is often the best.

It is important to test the look of blush on your face with full makeup to see that it gives you a balanced look or not. Blush darker than natural blushing colors of the cheek often needs to be toned down, especially at daytime, which can be done by dusting some translucent powder over the blush. Evening makeup can take on a little more of the blush though depending on the desired look of the wearer. Blush can instantly brighten and freshen a dull face and helps you to underplay the tired look of the face. However, if it misused and used heavily, it can leave you looking like a makeup box! The tip to find your natural blush color is to bend down and touch your toes for two minutes and then stand back up. The color of cheeks is the right blush color for you. Another way to choose the right blush color is to match it with the lip color you are wearing. Reds and pinks are for winters while peaches, beiges and warm hues are better for summers.

For combination and oily skin, powder blush works well. Oily skin can also use liquid and gel blush on but cream blush is best for dry skin. Staining blushers are for well-moisturized skin only and need to blend into skin quickly as they dry very quickly. For a healthy suntan, put a little bronzer powder on forehead, chin and nose. An eye shadow, which is too red, pink or rosy for your taste can be used as blush and some of it can be mixed with Vaseline, lip-gloss or lip balm for a matching lip color. A dark or bight cream blush can be diluted instantly by mixing it with a little concealer on your palm. Brown blush is great for toning down the color of blush ad can also be used as contour, eye shadow or bronzer. It can also be mixed with powder for sheer blushed look.